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We’re bringing the Egyptian culture to the heart of London. You’ll feel like you’re in Egypt itself when experiencing the wide range of food, music, artists and one-of-a-kind photo galleries.
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Festival Program

Egyptian cuisine

Of all the ancient civilisations, Egyptians enjoyed better foods than most!

The exciting contemporary Egyptian street food scene will be brought to life at the festival, where you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of dishes and flavours!

Fashion show

The ancient Egyptians were the first human society to have an identifiable sense of style through clothing.

We’ll be hosting talented fashion designers who will showcase their latest designs. Many of which take inspiration from ancient Egypt’s fashion.


Egypt is a festive country and was the first to infuse its entire society with the magic of music and dance.

At the festival, there will be a variety of musical concerts and performers to celebrate all that Egypt has to offer.

Egyptian movies

Egyptian cinema is amongst the most important in the Middle East and people often refer to it as the “Hollywood of the Arab world”.

We’ll be showing a selection of independent Egyptian films that have won a variety of awards. Celebrating talented filmmakers and writers from right across the country!

Stand up comedy

Egyptians are some of the lucky few to be able to trace their sense of humour back to ancient times.

Similarly to the British, Egyptians also utilise their sense of humour and sarcasm in everyday life. At the festival, we’ll bring you London’s first fully Egyptian live stand-up comedy show, which will feature a number of talented comedians!

Learn about ancient Egypt

Egypt is world famous for its rich and vibrant ancient civilisation!

Our speakers will educate everyone about the royal pyramids, empowered pharaohs, grandiose temples, mysterious gods and foreign invasions from Egypt’s ancient history. They’ll also explain how much of their ancient culture still holds true in modern times.

Speak like an Egyptian

Egyptians have inherited from their pharaonic ancestors. Not only with their distinguished civilisation, but also in certain traditions and words from their hieroglyphic vocabulary.

There will be Colloquial Egyptian Arabic sessions at the ECF – the perfect opportunity to learn some basic Arabic and some Egyptian slang too.

Business & Travel Zone

Visitors can experience history, arts, culture and much, much more.

This will help to highlight and reinvigorate the desire to travel, live, work and invest in Egypt as a whole and put it firmly back on the map.

Egyptian Bazaar

“Bazaar” means an open-air market and in Cairo, these are called a “souk”.

This festival will have a rich assortment of Egyptian souvenirs up for grabs, including fabrics, food, jewellery and high-quality clothes – all made by local Egyptian artisans.


Egyptian art is more than five thousand years old!

At this year’s festival, we’ll demonstrate the contemporary art scene from Egyptian artists living in the UK, such as painter Nevine Fathy and many others.


We’ll also have an area for your kids at the festival! Full of exciting activities for all age groups, including art, games and learning Arabic in a fun way!

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We are looking to hire dynamic, highly enthusiastic, individuals with a strong passion to inspire people, and bring a social change to the Egyptian community.

Current Vacancies

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We have a wide range of opportunities available for volunteers! We’re looking for help from those with experience in events, admin, marketing, production and stewarding. Please contact us via email – info@egyptianculturalfestival.com
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